About Us

Crazyotels brings in strategic and operational level of Revenue Management support through a series of activities specially customized for increasing hotel revenue.

Our Mission

We assist hotels with a full deck of analytical and intuitive inputs on managing rates, content and digital sales platforms. Additionally, we optimism productivity from all other segments of business like Corporate And Leisure.. When a hotel outsources the Revenue Management activity to Crazyotels. As an institution built on knowledge-leadership, we help your hotel in de-risking itself from an individual’s thought process. The hotel can claim the advantages of yield management at a fraction of what it would cost it to hire full-time resources. 

Over time, our hotels have benefited from a higher Revenue and improved profitability.

We have worked with global distribution systems, Online Travel Agencies, Channel Managers, Hotel Aggregators, holiday rentals & Online reputation companies. We provide budget online and offline destination stays suitable for all sorts of vacationers like family, group travelers, couples and group vacationers book hotels across PAN India


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