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Rs. 4500.00
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Pleasant Hill resort  “take an opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and your esteemed organization with varied hospitality services and quintessential space for various occasions, to match your style, standards, tastes, and preferences. We have carved a unique niche with elegance, exceptional services embodying luxury & Comfort for all our guests and visitors.

We believe that professionalism in hospitality is the key to our success. We would look forward to further professional and business relationships, interaction with you, and solicit your interest and initiative towards our hospitality services for you and your esteemed organization.

Pleasant Hill resort is a hideout destination in the serene hills of Rajakkad. Here, every step brings you closer to nature in all its glory. Which possesses 18 rooms that include 10 Double Deluxe and 08 Interconnected Family rooms.

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Rs. 2250.00
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Monsoon Grande breathes life into the notion of a date with nature, in its resplendent self.

With surreal balconies that gaze upon lush inclines and elegant suites to bathe you in incomparable luxury, the property incites poetic emotions and portrays a picture of tranquility for your mind.

Hospitality at Monsoon Grande is of impeccable repute and service exudes courtesy and grace, treating our customers with care, in the lap of nature.

The beautiful hills that adorn the surroundings and the romantic luxury resort that we are, invigorates the passion for your loved ones in an effortless manner

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